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About Us

K.M. Group Company

K.M. Group Company was incorporated in 1996 as an importer & distributor of industrial chemicals. At first, we supplied industrial solvents and refrigerants, later we expanded to specialty chemical and lubricant business.

We have been certified for ISO 9001:2015 which registration is in respect to the following scope of supply: Importer, Repacking and Distributing Lubricants, Chemical & Gas Products.

For over 20 years, our main focus is to import and distribute chemical commodities such as refrigerant, lubricant oil, industrial oil, disinfectants, solvent, blowing agent, etc. for various industries locally

Further, our products have been certified by well-known global standards from many world-wide organizations for examples; Underwriters Laboratories (UL), IQNet, OH SAS, ISO, SGS and more in order to strive the best.

With our expertise and experiences, we have had a significant growth and gained fast recognition in the market. From our initial achievements, we earned trust from big names in the market such as Samsung, SK Corp, Daikin, etc. for representing them as a major distributor in Thailand.