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Promoting hydrocarbon solvents & HFC refrigerants which do not destroy the ozone & less global warming


R-22 as a refrigerant, operates with higher system pressures but low compressor displacement. Popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Has properties providing for a broad range of applications, including residential air conditioning, refrigeration, and other cooling applications.


R-32 is increasingly gaining favour as a low temperature refrigerant and as a replacement gas in some R-410a applications which suitable for use in an industrial refrigeration and residential air conditioning. R32 has a low GWP, providing a lower carbon footprint than most other HFC.


R134A is an extremely common refrigerant used in a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications, including medium and high temperature refrigeration for both domestic and commercial, residential & light air conditioning, automotive air conditioning and industrial applications.


R-404A is an HFC blend that is widely used in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications, such as those used in commercial refrigeration. R404a is coming under greater examination due to its high Global Warming Potential.


R-407A is an HFC blend that is suitable for use in low and medium temperature refrigeration applications, such as commercial refrigeration. It is an ideal replacement for existing R404A systems, offering a substantially lower carbon footprint due to its lower GWP, and improved energy efficiency


R-410A is an HFC blend and plans to replace R22 applications. It operates at higher pressures than many other refrigerants. Systems designed for R410A can take advantage of its ability to use smaller components, making it a key refrigerant for domestic and light air conditioning equipment.


R-507C It's widely used in the low and medium temperature refrigeration sector. It’s chemically stable, it has good thermodynamic characteristics and low toxicity. As a lubricant POE ( polyol ester ) is used.


R-600A is refrigerant grade Isobutane, a natural, refrigerant suitable for use in range of refrigeration applications. The use of R-600a is increasing due to its low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance and it is now the refrigerant gas of choice in domestic and small commercial refrigerators It is non-toxic with zero ODP and very low GWP